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My mechanical engineering background got me into some of the most attractive automotive engineering centers of Europe. Always trusted by the teams and departements I was integrated in, I was involved in major projects and grasped opportunities to bounce off and to learn new technologies leveraging the overall quality of the designs and of the final client experience. My curiosity got me deep into programming. Now acting into the Software Industry as a Lean and Agile Product Manager, I meet enthusiastic and skillfull people. It is a world of endless possibilities which keeps raising my excitement every day.


behind the mirror

Using softwares was not enough, I had to overcome their limitations to provide the engineers new tools boosting up their creativity and productivity. And this is how it all started...


very wild things

"Naturally inspired by nature". I believe perfection acts with simplicity, a complex application can be simple to use. On my scales, ergonomy weighs as much as design and functionality.



Sharing skills and training teams is the definitive touch to a technical environment. I collect informations from all ends and interact with all worlds. I preserve my teams from the noise.

time to market

Whatever the product is, whether it is intended for the specialists or the general consumer market, it must be released on time, perfect and reliable. In the industry, I got involved at every stages, from concept to manufacturing, likewise I master Software and Web processes from first specifications to final integration.

eye on details

Back in my teenage years, I used to paint miniatures, this meticulous work brought life to one inch soldiers. Later, I kept the same precision when playing drums, timing and nuance were the key to a successful groove. Coding a piece of software, designing UI or mechanical systems require the same focus and care.

about my work process

A project development strategy must be specialy set up to fit the project scale and its related deadlines. The project manager is the interface between the client and the team, he makes sure the scope is respected and organizes the tasks and efforts, the team brings the knowledge and the technology, all members must be involved in the creative process, it is all together that we construct the desired solution.



Designing and shaping a product is a matter of approach, I consider technical specifications like the boundaries of a box we can evolve and express within. To get this right, I gather experiences from product owners and end users.



The power resides in our differences complementing each other skills. I trust that respect and dialogue level up personal engagement. A team aiming its efforts at the same target creates an accurate delivered solution.



Stress, pressure and endless journeys? What about scoping, planning and dedication? Our objectives are common, we all contribute at our level adapting and switching tasks, we succeed and respect deadlines together.


Head down, fast and furious takes you straight into the first wall. Head up and at a constant pace takes you around the world. A realistic agenda is the key to success.


The sooner the client gets his hand on the product the better. Setting up key milestones allows to gather and refine the requirements at different levels of development.


An image is worth a thousand words. Detailed zoning and sketches reveal the look and feel of the user interface, impact on ergonomy is defined at this early level.


This creative and artistic exercice express the identity of the product and of the company. This is a central piece of the image and usage of a product.


Like a smith selecting the right hammer for the task, the engineer selects the appropriate latest and greatest technologies in accordance with the product purpose.

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From Mechanical Design, Computer Aided Analysis, Methods Engineering, Product Certification, Paragliding Instruction, Software Programming to Web Technology, I always accomplish my work with dedication. My engineering background and my taste for adventure and new challenges got me to discover and specialize into several fields. Have a look at a few projects I got deeply involved in...


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